Making Pálinka: Update

It is one week later. One week of “plop, plop, gurgle, gurgle”, and the smell of fermentation throughout the house. Earthy, yeasty smells, smells that are cracking of the ancient code of making alcohol. I stir the “wash” every day as Dean suggested. 7 days later the fermentation process continues regularly and consistently. The fruit is holding up well, the plum halves retaining their shape and colour nicely. After the lid is lifted, there is a sort of foamy crust on the fruit, with an almost mousse like texture. A slow, steady stirring and it is gone. As the Holy Week approaches, the prospect of distillation looms.

photo of palinka wash

The 'wash' one week later. Before stirring.

photo of palinka 'wash'

The 'wash' one week later. After stirring.

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