Ah, glorious, glorious competence. How we've missed you!

The Economist gushes over President-elect Obama’s selection of Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary with the tag line, Ah, glorious, glorious competence. How we’ve missed you You wouldn’t normally expect The Economist to react so positively to a Democrat with their traditional views of protectionism and welfarism.   This bastion of pure English Liberalism is normally hostile to such views: but clearly, they, like most of us, have been overcome by the refreshing pragmistism, yet authoriative, appointments of the President-elect.  Obama continues to grow better, minute by minute, and his integrity (i.e. I will do what I say) also continues to be enhanced.  We are witnessing the birth of one of great leaders of the 21st Century.  I can recall talking to friends in 1998 about a site called ‘Google’ and how fantastic it was.  In similiar ways the birth of an Obama presidency unfolds:the world is changing and we are seeing it develop before our very eyes.

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