One of my favourite concepts is resistentialism which is defined by my Shorter Oxford as “a mock philosophy maintaining that inanimate objects are hostile to humans or seek to thwart human endeavours”.  I am not sure about the ‘mock’ part, but I definitely understand the seeming spitefulness of inanimate objects such as weed-eaters and wardrobe doors, objects which in the past of being exceedingly spiteful to me.  In the case of the weed-eater, I gave as good as I got, and the weed-eater is no more.  That’ll teach ’em!  The ability of cords to tie themselves in knots is well known and very hostile.  Orange traffic lights have my name in their database of humans to thwart at every turn.  If there is the slightest possibility of me getting an orange light, then sure enough, I will. Spiteful bastards.

The word itself is derived from a mix of the Latin rÄ“s, thing(s), and French résister, to resist, with existentialism.  Of course there is a Wikipedia article on it which you can find here.

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2 Responses to Resistentialism

  1. Zsofi says:

    that’s fascinating! i had never thought about that.

  2. Guszti says:

    Do you consider the computer “inanimate”? If yes, to me it is the Mother of All Spiteful Bastards! They appear to show incredible ingenuity and efficiency in keeping my nerves tangled.

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