A Walk in Ngaio – I

Collage of A Walk in Ngaio - IMonday afternoon, Labour Day, October 2009, is warm and sunny. Instead of mowing the lawns, I go for a walk, camera in tow. My intent is simply: to record, to document what this ordinary suburb called Ngaio, looks like. It is a-creative. No attempt is made to create art, I am not a photographer, I take pictures with a camera. That is all. I just want to document, to preserve, not to create. The everyday fascinates me: a garage, a letterbox, or a tree. This images are everyday, unexceptional – anyone could have taken them. I am not of the picture, only with the camera.

There are too many photographs on the Internet. We are lost in a sea of digital images, all surprise and mystery is stripped away from places, people and things. We simply search on anything and we find an image of anything, anything, but really everything . All is known, the farthest corner of the earth is revealed to all. We sit at our computer, and see the world. I embrace this.

The photos, posted on my Picasa Web Album are simply a moment in time in Ngaio. They are devoid of people, I eschew cars as much as I can. The perfect picture is empty. It just is. Nonetheless I scrupulously “geo-tag” each photo, seeking out the precise location the photo was taken. I wish to be meter perfect, the exact spot is important. Google Maps and Google Earth will reveal all and given the high-resolution images available in both of Ngaio, I encourage you to check out the photos using these.

I enjoyed writing the captions more than I did taking the photos. The written word has more texture and turns upon itself in a way no photograph I could take, ever could.

Still, I guess this is my way of paying homage to Ngaio, the place where I live, have lived, off and on, for nearly twenty years.

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