Dunedin Harbour.

Dunedin Harbour.

Originally uploaded by Branxholm

I love this photo of my old home town. The sweep of the clouds across the harbour gives the photo a wonderful sense of distance and makes the city seem almost dwarfed by the sea and sky. The sea and the beaches of St Clair and St Kilda are indeed “just beyond” the harbour. This photo is a perfect illustration of Denis Glover’s ode to his place of birth, Dunedin Revisited.

Under Flagstaff’s boulders
Beds the town; and the houses
Complacent over one anothers shoulders
Look on a harbour as pleasant as a pond
– With gate-crashing rollers just beyond
Where remotely the sugared island still
Winters in the Pacific’s hug and maul.

The photo was posted on Flickr by Branxholm.

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