Towards the Danube – A Duna felé

Fotóséta – Vác I/25

Originally uploaded by Kikasz

This is a very evocative photo – it reminds me of AndréKertész‘s style – taken by Kikasz, and posted on Flickr. These steps are typical of several you’ll find in the older part of Vác (the so-called belváros, or “inner town”) that lead to and from the Danube which you can see in the background. Of course the couple, hand-in-hand, gives the photo its power and humanity. It is as if they walking off into the sunset, the sense of life drawing to a close but the couple still together. The sunlight shining on the Danube seems to be drawing them towards the mighty river, towards both a sense of finality but also of peace.

The image brings to mind the words from the poem, “The Old Ones” (Öregek) by Sándor Weöres:

And when they stutter through the street
with a stick, even the sunshine looks askance at them,
and everyone makes it sound odd to say:
“How goes it, old man?”

This photo is part of a series by Kikasz on Flickr. This is my favourite one though. It looks like a group of young photographers spent the day in Vác taking photos. You can see all of the photos here. They show a strong use of colour and composition and making a very refreshing change from more touristic photos one usually finds of Vác.

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2 Responses to Towards the Danube – A Duna felé

  1. Kikasz says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Paul, I really appreciated it 🙂

  2. hun.master says:

    Wow, congrats, dear Kikasz!

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