Fortepan Images: Hospitality

Hospitality, 1968. Photo: Fortepan

Hospitality, 1968. Photo: Fortepan

The picture was taken in 1968, location unknown. The jug and small cups look like they are drinking pálinka, or fruit brandy. Given how they are all dressed in full winter clothes, it must have been pretty cold inside.

I like the smiles of the two women in this photo. They seem to be enjoying the slightly flirtatious nature of the conversation.

But of course it is the older man in the far left that really draws the eye. He is staring at the camera with an almost menacing absence of any joy in his face. It is a cold hard stare. Clearly his flirtation days are well and truly gone. You wonder why he is there. At least he has taken his hat off inside! There is an unhappiness about him in contrast to the smiling women.

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