Hungary’s New Ambassador To Italy – A Unreconstructed Anti-Semite

This is a disgrace. Viktor Orbán has appointed Péter Szentmihályi Szabó has its new Ambassador to Italy. Szabó is unreconstructed anti-semite of the worst kind. He holds blatantly racists views that he has no qualms about making public. He represents everything that is worst about Hungarian political life. Of course Prime Ministers are free to select whoever they like as Ambassadors and many governments make political appointments to senior posts, rather than career diplomats. And often those diplomats are of questionable quality or know next to nothing about the country they are being posted to. Even the current United States Ambassador to Hungary, Colleen Bradley Bell, falls into this category. (See here for details.)

So, just how much of anti-semite is Szabó? Here is a sample of his views.

The agents of Satan are the devotees of globalism; they are not attached to their names, to their firms, to their own homeland. They have no attachment, only bank accounts. They are born traitors because they have never had their own country. They are in every radio and television station where they bray among themselves speaking in a nasal sing-song way and slimily blurring their r’s. They live off their fears.

You can read the full translation here and if you can read Hungarian, the original article is here.

Let’s us remember that 2014 is the 70th Anniversary of the Holocaust and Hungary has said many fine words about this. But then they go and do something like! The man is a disgrace and has no right to be in any position representing the Hungarian government or people.

Update – 26 July 2014 is reporting that Szabó has declined the role as Ambassador to Italy.

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