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“That could be my daughter one day”

Totally shameless self-plug here, but the current edition of the EEO Trust’s [1] quarterly publication. ‘Diversity in Action‘, [pdf link] features an interview with me on page seven and has a lovely photo my Zsofi, my daughter. The article was … Continue reading

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In Decline: Still

On of the tasks I do each edition of the Magyar Szó is to collect recent snippets of English-language news about Hungary in a regular column, called, not surprisngly, Recent News From Hungary. I have been doing this for many … Continue reading

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Paul Erdős: Another Hungarian Genius

I am currently writing an article for the Magyar Szó on Paul Erdős as part of the series, Famous Hungarians. Before I started researching for the article, I knew next-to-nothing about him, other than he was Hungarian and had something … Continue reading

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Bad Language: Slovaks Seek Inferior Versions Of Themselves Through New Language Law

This is currently a lot of tension between Hungary and Slovakia over the passage, on 30 June, of a Slovakian law that restricts, and in some cases punishes by fine, the use of the Hungarian language. For example, Section 9/a … Continue reading

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Where Does It End? – The Paternoster

For some reason I was reminded tonight of the wonderful lift, known as a paternoster, I often used whenever I visited the Corvina bookshop in Vörösmarty tér [Square] in Budapest. According to Wikipedia [is there anything you can’t find out … Continue reading

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